Pure APK Premium Blogger Template Free Download by ThemeHint

Pure APK Premium Blogger Template Free Download by ThemeHint

Pure APK Premium Blogger Template Free Download by ThemeHint

 Pure APK is a clean, responsive, and minimalist blogger template created by MS Dzgn. If you run a website Downloader application or software with a blogger platform, Pure APK is a great choice for that.
Mobile Friendly and has a well structured blog post schema. Having an ad slot that is ready to use along with Lazy Ads will definitely make your ad lighter. Have a special download button located in the sidebar when viewed on the desktop version.

It has a ScreenShot Slider feature that you can insert more than 1 image in one place.

 Pure APK  Features

  • Responsive
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Google PageSpeed ​​Insights
  • Schema Blog Post
  • Fast Loading
  • SEO Friendly
  • Adsens Ready
  • Numbered Page Navigation
  • Featured Apps Widget
  • Featured Game Widget
  • Recent Posts Widget
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Google Play and Download Button
  • Screenshot Slider
  • Social Share Buttons

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