Ture Job Premium Blogger Template Free Download by ThemeHint

Ture Job Premium Blogger Template Free Download by ThemeHint

Ture Job Premium Blogger Template Free Download by ThemeHint

Ture Job is a template that was adapted from the previous Ture Job template, in terms of the appearance of this template the same, but there are some parts added to this new template the most striking feature is added feature writing on the front page and navigation under the footer, like up and much more added . It can be said that this template is a refinement of the previous template.

It has responsive ad slots, very fast because it uses statistics and structured data pages. 3 column menus that can be hidden and displayed.

 Ture Job Features v.1.2

  • Responsive
  • Seo Frinedlt
  • Ads ready
  • Latest news 
  • Fast Load
  • 3 Columb Menu (Show / Hide) 
  • Sticky Sidebar Header Menu
  • Load the post
  • Post Footer 
  • Nav Postmeta Breadcrumbs Label Search 
  • Post Grid Post Grid Search
  • Error page 404
  • Back to top
  • Full Static Page
  • Disqus comments

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